How to hide your piercing for work

It is a fantastic moment to explore the world of trendy piercings, such as stylish nose rings, bold eyebrow bars, or intricate ear piercings. These piercings offer a unique way to express individuality and showcase your style. The excitement of flaunting these adornments is undeniable, allowing you to display your creativity and self-expression confidently.

However, there are instances when concealing these piercings becomes essential. In professional settings, where a more understated appearance is preferred, hiding your piercings might be necessary. Special events that demand a classic or formal look could also temporarily prompt the decision to conceal these distinctive accessories.

Personal preferences and reasons may also lead to hiding piercings, providing adaptability in various social situations. The ability to conceal piercings adds a layer of versatility to your style, allowing you to navigate different aspects of your life seamlessly. It’s not about giving up on self-expression; instead, it’s about having the freedom to fit into diverse environments while embracing the creativity and uniqueness that piercings ring to your style. So, whether you’re boldly displaying your piercings or opting for a more discreet look, you can adapt and express yourself in various social contexts.

 The ability to hide a piercing depends significantly on where it’s placed. Some piercings are naturally not very noticeable, while others can be pretty tricky to conceal. But don’t worry —we have some valuable tips and tricks that can help you discreetly cover up your piercings, especially when you need to do it quickly. So, if you want to try out piercings and hide them when necessary, rest assured that it’s totally doable!

1- Conceal nipple piercings using either a padded bra or nipple covers.

To conceal nipple piercings, opt for padded bras or nipple covers. Padded bras provide extra padding, making the piercings less noticeable than non-padded ones. These bras are suitable for wearing under thin or tight-fitting clothing.

Nipple piercings, like other piercings covered by clothing, can be easily hidden by wearing a T-shirt. It’s worth noting that there is a current trend among celebrities to showcase their nipple piercings under mesh tops and chiffon blouses.

2- Use Subtle Jewellery

 To make your piercings less noticeable, choose simple and small jewellery. It is suitable for face piercings that you might want to hide sometimes. Instead of bright and flashy jewellery, pick plain things like a small nose ring or lip barbell. You can also use transparent or stylish jewellery that matches your skin colour, like transparent glass with shiny stones. It helps keep your piercings low-key.

Choosing smaller jewellery sizes, especially for nose and lip piercings, makes them less noticeable. But be careful with the size, especially for new piercings. You should redo the piercing if you want a more significant piece later. If you’re on a budget, get a simple stud earring and remove the fancy part with wire cutters. This way, you can hide your piercing without fancy jewellery.

Use retainers made of safe materials like glass, metal, or silicon for everyday wear, especially when you need to hide your piercing. Remember, septum piercings are usually inside the nose, so you don’t need visible jewellery outside.

3-Use makeup to cover up facial piercings

Use makeup to hide a facial piercing or tiny holes when you remove the jewellery. Get a concealer that matches your skin colour. First, clean the skin around the piercing to make it oil-free. Then, put the concealer on the piercing or hole using a small brush or your fingers. Blend it well to make it look like there’s nothing there. It’s a quick and easy way to cover it up.

 Remember, makeup isn’t a long-term solution to hide piercings. The cover-up fades quickly, especially if you move a lot or sweat. It’s suitable for online meetings like Zoom, where the camera is far away, and your piercing could be more precise.

4- Conceal a septum piercing by turning a horseshoe barbell upside down  If you have a septum piercing, you can hide it using a circular barbell, like a horseshoe. Usually, the horseshoe looks like an upside-down “U” with open ends. To hide the septum piercing, softly turn the horseshoe barbell upwards inside your nostrils. If you do it right, the jewellery will not be visible inside your nose

But be careful! The Horseshoe can flip back down when you move, showing the piercing. To stop this, keep the jewellery snug in your nostrils and keep an eye on it. Just remember to watch the jewellery so it stays hidden all day.

5-Cover ear piercings with your Hijab or hair

 If you want to hide your ear piercings:

  1. Use your Hijab or hair accessories.
  2. Just let your hair fall to cover your ears if it is long.
  3. Try different hairstyles like low-side ponytails or messy side braids to keep your ear piercings out of sight.

If your hair is short, use headbands or scarves. You can also wear hats or beanies to hide your ear piercings. This way, you can quickly conceal them and still show your style while looking more conservative if you need to.

6-Replace more extensive jewellery with a small stud

 Change the jewellery to a small stud to make your piercing less noticeable. To avoid problems, ensure your piercing is fully healed before switching the jewellery. Most studs are for healed piercings, so they might not be suitable for new or still-healing piercings. Some piercings need specific jewellery, and you may be unable to change it. Always focus on letting your piercing heal when making such changes. After replacing the jewellery with a stud, you can use makeup to cover it up. It’s easier to hide a more minor piercing with concealer than a larger one.

7- Choose jewellery that is either clear or matches your skin tone closely

 A simple and easy way to conceal your piercings is to choose jewellery that is either clear or Select jewellery that closely matches your skin tone; these choices are crafted for subtlety, ensuring that your piercing’s colour seamlessly merges with your skin, maintaining a discreet appearance.They work well for ear and nostril piercings, which are easily changed. While someone looking very closely might still notice the piercing, it becomes pretty challenging to see unless you are nearby.

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